i-Mode Soon to be Released in Europe

NTT DoCoMo, by far the most successful Japanese wireless internet technology provider for cellphones and PDAs is set to launch its i-Mode service for cellphones in Europe. DoCoMo is also planning to roll out an internet enabled version, of the soon to be released US and European version of the Zaurus PDA.Over 30 million Japanese people use NTT DoCoMo’s i-Mode enabled cellphones to connect to the internet and play online games, seek weather reports or seek the nearest restaurant. For a long time now DoCoMo also provided Japanese Zaurus (released 1999) users with always-online internet access. The Japanese version of Sharp`s Zaurus runs Sharp’s own proprietary OS while the US/European version uses Linux. A common binary identical layer between the two is to be released, therefor Sharp recently promoted Intent/AmigaDE at the ‘Japanese Business Show 2001’ in Tokio. Here is a picture of an internet enabled Japanese Zaurus, taken by Ralph Ewers for the German amiga-news.de website at the ‘Japanese Business Show 2001’.

In Japan 3G services are already available and allows people to talk to eachother on cellphones while seeing smooth videos of eachother. Here is a most interesting video regarding NTT DoCoMo’s vision of how technologies will be integrated into our lifes in the near future:

Real Player Broadcast or Windows Media Broadcast

Click here to view the full scale picture of Warp3D running on a Japanese Zaurus.


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