Opinion: Web Server OS Changes?

What is the current status of operating systems as far as web hosting goes? Here is a quick run down:WINDOWS

As Microsoft has aggresively entered the server OS market through the popularity of their desktop operating system market they will have a tough road ahead. Microsoft has expanded its empire to video games, news media, the internet and more. Microsoft knows that windows won’t make them money forever. Recent announcements of major server providers using windows will help microsoft pressure users to buy the operating system. By offering their technology to major server providers at very low pricing and by offering many features that aren’t found on many unix operating systems they will not drop.


.Net on Unix? Yes. This will provide an opportunity for windows users to use unix to its full potential while not having to switch. Since many Unix distributions are free users will now take a second look. With microsoft users being able to install a wide range of free software and the ability to run windows applications on unix will boost the usage of unix. Microsoft’s powerful market strategy is working and they won’t be gone anytime soon.


The BSDs will likely increase market share greatly. With the announcements from SCO and tough pressure from companies wanting a more liberal license the BSDs (ekkoBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MirBSD, OpenDarwin, Darwin etc.) will likely increase market share for 2004 especially after frustration of many server administrators after the latest linux exploits. Major server providers have also announced they will start supporting FreeBSD.


Solaris, which is derived from BSD is famous for performing fast and being very secure. Solaris 10 for x86-64, x86 and SPARC will likely be a huge performance boost and will likely be adopted by many hosting companies. Solaris is the #2 Closed Sourced operating system used to host websites.

MAC OS X Server

What will happen to Mac OS X Server? Due to the inability for Apple to provide a version of its Mac OS System to other PowerPC OEMS it is unlikely that Apple will increase its market share in the hosting market. This would be the prime time for Apple to release an OS that is compatible with Mac OS X but not as “great”, therefore leaving apple as the crown jewel of computer systems. As all other operating systems tired to one specific computer system have failed or their market share has decreased greatly making the once-great company not worth as much as before.


The recent attack from the SCO group will likely increase the market share of Linux due to the great publicity that has been generated, people are now saying “I heard of Linux, If someone is sueing $30 billion It must be great”. However, some Linux users may switch to BSD and Solaris in fear. Although some Linux users may switch their market share is still expected to rise. Windows Market share may rise in the short term from Linux users switching as we have noticed.

HP’s OS’s

HP’s server business has angered many guru users about discontinueing many valueable systems but HP-UX and OpenVMS now run on Itanium. Due to the disorganization that HP has caused users will be afraid that there is no long term commitment to continue providing HP-UX and OpenVMS. Many HP customers are expected to use Linux, BSD, or Windows operating systems.


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