64-Bit CPUs: AMD Hammer vs. Intel IA-64

Continuing Part I from last week, this is the Part II article regarding the future of 64-bit CPUs, called “Under the Microarchitectural Covers”: “Who will dominate 64-bit computing, AMD or Intel? AMD’s Hammer architecture is compelling and compatible, but IA-64 has great long-term potential. Will Intel also hedge its bet with a 64-bit x86 design?” “Instruction Dispatch and Execution”: See how Hammer’s nine execution units are nothing like Itanium’s. “Seamless and Powerful Multiprocessing”: Hammer’s onboard memory controller and HyperTransport links–big advantage. “Intel’s Ace in the Hole“: What’s this rumored ‘Yamhill’ 64-bit x86. On a related note, Intel’s McKinley 64-bit CPU will showcase at next week’s Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.


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