Xandros Competition Winner Announced

For the past week we hosted a competition for a free Xandros Business Desktop 2.0 box. Our winner is Tony Bourke and his original article “FreeBSD 5.2.1 on SPARC64“.We had a hard time deciding between Tony’s informative article and the upcoming still-waiting-in-our-queue-to-be-published Steve Husted’s Slackware review, Maynard’s Gnome review and Daan Goedkoop’s “Designing the operating system of tomorrow” article (among ~20 entries we received), but Tony’s won extra points because of its originality (there aren’t too many ‘FreeBSD on SPARC’ articles around). Congratulations Tony! We would also like to thank all participants for their submissions!

Please note that we currently host a new competition and this time the prize is really big: ‘Aspire Swatter 2004’ costs 3,000 US dollars! If we judge of the partiticipation on the Xandros competition, we don’t expect more than 5-6 articles to be submited for the Aspire competition because this time we specifically ask submissions for development articles. So if you are a developer, your chance to win is huge! Read here for details.


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