Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever 6.0

Cloanto released today version 6.0 of Amiga Forever, the Classic Amiga emulation, OS, connectivity and support suite officially licensed by the Amiga companies. Amiga Forever is available in a downloadable Online Edition and in a CD Edition which includes premium content of historical interest (all Amiga OS versions, gallery, videos, games) and KX Light.All versions of Amiga Forever include Amiga OS 1.3 and 3.X files and make it possible to run Classic Amiga software (including hundreds of legally downloadable games) on any PC, with special support for the Windows platform, but also compatible with Mac OS X and GNU/Linux systems.

Our Take: I installed Amiga Forever 6 a few hours ago on my aging dual Celeron 533/256 MB RAM with Windows XP PRO machine and it ran surprisingly fast. Setup is a no brainer, internet connectivity is transparent however some application stability could be a bit better. For those who were too young when Amiga was in its heyday this all-in-one package offers an easy way to taste what the whole fuss about Amiga is all about.


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