SMT Xeons Count Double for Win2k Server Licences

“The introduction of Intel’s new Hyper-Threading technology is providing Microsoft with a handy mechanism for getting more money from Windows 2000 Server customers, for encouraging users to switch over to Windows .NET Server, or both. It kind of depends on how .NET Server pricing pans out, but as far as Win2k Server goes it’s already clear that people wanting to use the extra oomph in the new Xeons are going to have to stump up. According to a Microsoft backgrounder available here, Win2k Server handles Hyper-Threading by using the processor count from the machine’s bios.” Read the rest of the report at TheRegister. Our Take: Problem is, a SMT Xeon is not as fast as a real SMP Xeon 2x system at the same Mhz. Therefore, paying double the OS License price for something that only provides a hardware-level feature (Hyper-threading), but not the actual speed you would expect from its SMP counterpart, it is IMNSHO, unjustifiable.


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