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What’s New in HP-UX 11i?” The new HP-UX 11i sports an ‘Internet-centric’ focus for end-to-end e-services. Irene Maltzan covers the major new features of the HP-UX 11i operating environment -including better scalability and availability- in this article. “Example File Systems” This chapter excerpt from ‘Modern Operating Systems‘ book discusses several example file systems, ranging from quite simple to highly sophisticated. “Clustering Microsoft Exchange Server 2000” Ensuring reliability and scalability within your email system can be a trying experience. Let author and columnist Joseph M. Lamb guide you through the construction of a clustered Exchange Server utilizing Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Exchange Server 2000. “What is a Microsoft Cluster?” Let author and columnist Joseph M. Lamb guide you through the various cluster types, and how you can implement clusters that best serve the needs of your application using Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Advanced Server. “Optimizing Disk Performance in Windows XP Professional” In this second article on getting better performance from Windows XP Professional, Louis Columbus provides step-by-step directions for increasing disk drive performance on your Windows XP system. Read all these articles at InformIT.


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