OpenVMS Update from HP World; OpenVMS Gets a Case of the DT’s

Two articles on OpenVMS, one at ShannonKnowsHPC and one at ITPlanet, read It’s a well known fact that OpenVMS has been successfully ported from Alpha to IPF. What have the developers been up to since completing the port? Some are putting the finishing touches on OpenVMS V8.2, the first commercial VMS/IPF release. Others are doing other thing, not the least of which is characterizing the performance of OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS IPF.

On Wednesday 18 August, OpenVMS Engineer Greg Jordan delivered an HP World presentation wherein he characterized the performance of the OS on the two platforms, and shed light on developments underway to improve VMS-on-IPF performance.

Full article… It’s not uncommon for alcoholics to suffer from the DT’s (Delirium Tremens — severe alcohol withdrawal characterized by agitation, violence, anxiety, insomnia, muscle cramps, tremor, delusion, hallucinations, and fever). But whoever heard of an operating system (OS) suffering from the malady? Well, the OpenVMS OS apparently has an acute case of the DT’s. Though in this instance, we are talking about disaster recovery.

Disaster Tolerance (DT) is a concept that extends beyond disaster recovery (DR). Traditional DR focuses on minimizing downtime then picking up the pieces and reconstructing any lost data afterwards.

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