Sun Looks for Payoff to Java, Java Devs Won’t Bow to Microsoft

Sun Microsystems launches its annual JavaOne conference with a new determination to reverse its fortune. For all its hype and popularity, Java has made more money in direct software sales for competitors than for the company that invented it. “As Sun Microsystems’ chief claim to fame in the software world, Java began seven years ago as a bold assault on the company’s sworn enemy, Microsoft.” The article is at ZDNews. “At the JavaOne conference in San Francisco this week, Java software makers will attempt to regain ground lost to Microsoft in the emerging market for Web services development tools and technologies.” This article also at ZDNews. “Sun Microsystems Inc. is pushing Java further into the Web services realm with a new version of its Java 2 Enterprise Edition under development. In addition, the company will broadly release this week a beta of its next-generation Java virtual machine for handhelds.” This article is at ExtremeTech.


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