Reading Suggestions for the Weekend

We’ve put together a short list of tech books that could keep you company this weekend.3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice

A bunch of students, first met through the 3D UI newsgroups in the 90s, are now professionals in the field, and this book is the fruit of their collective work through the years. The book explains the different kinds of 3D UIs & evaluates them. It’s a shame that the book doesn’t really get seriously into presenting in depth any of the methods, but instead stays pretty much on surface and functions as a guideline. Still, it’s a great introduction to what many believe it will be the future of computer UIs.

Overall: 8/10

.NET Compact Framework Programming with C#

Are you programming for PocketPC or for smartphones? Then you need this book. It’s a detailed reference and guide to the Compact .NET API, a total of almost 1400 pages. Lots of screenshots, sample code, easy to understand text. A marvelous book, if you are into the mobile software industry. Especially cool that all the dev tools and IDEs are free to download too.

Overall: 10/10

The Official Blender 2.3 Guide

We all know how impossible to figure-out Blender’s interface is. Well, this is the official guide on how to use Blender 2.3x, that’s suppose to help us go through the pains of the interface. But honestly, after going through the book and trying it with my Blender installation(s), I still can’t figure out Blender fully. It is definetely not a tutorial-style book that would guide you by hand to learn to create 3D scenes or animation, but simply a guide of the interface alone. Personally, I am still fighting with the overall usability in Blender.

Overall: 7/10

Version control with Subversion

O’Reilly’s attempt to introduce Subversion is a successful one. The book gets into the point quickly, it is well written, it has enough examples and even includes a chapter directed to CVS users and migration. The book is free for download too, but having the real book around feels nice too. Wish they also included some migration tips for Perforce users too though.

Overall: 9/10


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