Lindows Done Right

You may or may not have heard about Lindows already. Lindows (the company) is a new Linux start-up, launched earlier this year by former CEO Michael Robertson. The promise of Lindows (the Operating System) is to be an affordable alternative (Operating System) to Microsoft Windows. And, as an extra boon, this alternative to Windows (which promises to run all your Windows applications), will run Linux applications as well.

Kernel Hacker Interview: Dave Jones

Kerneltrap interviewed Dave Jones who currently lives in London, employed by SuSE as a Linux kernel hacker. In the past six months since he graduated from the University of Glamorgan he has gotten involved in an impressive range of kernel related projects, including Powertweak, x86info, OProfile and the Kernel Janitors Project. Additionally, he maintains a -dj patch for the 2.5 development kernel, helping to sync it with the stable 2.4 kernel as well as offering increased stability.

MacOSX Week: Tales of a BeOS Refugee

The story of how a BeOS refugee (and not just everyone, but the author of the 'BeOS Bible' book) lost faith in the future of computing, resigned himself to Windows but found himself bored silly, tore out half his hair at the helm of a Linux box, then rediscovered the joy of computing in MacOSX. Scot Hacker will describe his personal adventures with today's operating systems after he was set out to find an alternative to his beloved (but with no apparent future) BeOS. Update: Make sure you read the second part of the article, a rebutal, found here.

Geek Toys to Pick Up for the Holidays

It is always tough to find nice gifts for the holidays that your geek friends will appreciate. Even if you would like to buy something special this Christmas, just for yourself, we will help you choose. Jon Campbell has put together a list of... geek-oriented devices and softare to make your life easier when choosing gifts. Inside you will find which PC game, gaming console, software, mp3 player etc you could buy for the holidays.