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Intel To Detail Next-Gen Chip Design

Intel will unveil its next-generation processor architecture in just under two weeks' time, the chip giant said today. Due to ship in H2 2006, the architecture will result in "processors that are high-performance, energy-efficient and multi-core", the company said. "New form-factors" for PCs will be enabled, it promised. The beans will officially be spilled on 23 August.

Stopping Work on EGL and Xgl

"After discussing this with several people I have decided to stop working on EGL and Xgl. The recent work on EXA is going to have the side effect of pushing out any hope for an Xgl release by a year or more. By extending the 2D drivers to accelerate composite end user demand for Xgl will also be reduced. I can not justify devoting further time to this project without reasonable hope of it reaching completion."

Windows Vista Beta 1: a Guided Tour

"It's unusual for a Beta 1 version of Windows to have both the final shipping name of the product and as many new features as this build shows. And that's a strong sign of two things. Firstly: Windows Vista remains an ambitious release of Windows, despite some of the features that Microsoft has pushed off the side of the boat. Secondly: Microsoft is trying to get serious, both internally and externally, about this development program. Windows Vista is now the company's top priority." Read on, ten pages, here.

Thinking About Apple’s Rosetta in Light of Transmeta

One of the big unknowns of the Apple Switch that not many people are talking about right now is Rosetta, the translation software that Intel-based Macs will use to run legacy PPC binaries. Prior to the release of the first Intel-based Mac it's difficult to assess just what kind of performance Rosetta will yield on the majority of legacy OS X software. Will most legacy PPC apps be usable? Mostly usable? Barely usable?