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General Development Most computer users interact with their workstations primarily through some form of graphical user interface (GUI). In the world of Microsoft Windows, this interface is tightly controlled. The UNIX world, by contrast, offers a veritable smorgasbord of different GUIs with varying degrees of functionality. They range from minimalist window managers, such as twm, to large, capable tools, such as GNOME and KDE (K Desktop Environment). This article shows you how the Tcl/Tk scripting language offers a simple and elegant way to code GUI widgets with minimal effort.
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The REBOL way ...
by -pekr- on Fri 9th Jun 2006 02:38 UTC
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Well, last months, I tried various solutions, looked into Io language, Ruby, Python, and the scenario always seems to start the same way - some suggestion of my friend, to look at "easy" and cool gui toolkit for particular environment.

... and it always ends the same way ... installing packages, solving dependencies, to find out, how BIG the distro is.

And in the end, I always realise, how I like the other way, the REBOL way - gui toolkit in 700KB, including integrated AGG vector library.

Rebol/View 1.3 is solid product, available for Win/Lin/OS-X, and while producing non-OS-compliant widgets, it has its own beauty.

Is Rebol non-bloated way a correct way? Well, there is many paths you can walk, but some of us like the easy way, and now also Ruby community openly claims, they try to clone Rebol/View. And that is why we have REBOL 3 effort undergoing ( ), to step ahead a bit :-)


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RE: The REBOL way ...
by henrikmk on Fri 9th Jun 2006 07:30 in reply to "The REBOL way ..."
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I code REBOL apps full time, and it's a joy being able to move between Linux and Win98/XP hardware with very few problems, except for fonts.

My daily coding box is a Mac, but REBOL runs fine there too. It's wonderful to be able to code a complex application on the Mac and then run it without trouble on the WinXP box.

But REBOL is really not a fair comparison to Tcl. REBOL is more suitable for building entire coding/debugging/release infrastructures, not just simple GUI applications.

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