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Today, we are excited to announce Quick Boot for the Android Emulator. With Quick Boot, you can launch the Android Emulator in under 6 seconds. Quick Boot works by snapshotting an emulator session so you can reload in seconds. Quick Boot was first released with Android Studio 3.0 in the canary update channel and we are excited to release the feature as a stable update today.

There's a quite a few other improvements and new features, as well.

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Because the operating system is thousands of times more complicated?

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Sure 1000 times more complicated, but not 1000 times more usefull.

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It's 1000000 times more useful. Modern PC will process more data in 1 second than C64 during its whole lifetime. Let's face it - old computets sucked, same as current state of art PCs will suck 20 years later. It's nothing more than bunch of plastic and wires.

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