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Hardened Gentoo’s SELinux Demo Machine

Hardened Gentoo's purpose is to make Gentoo viable for high security, high stability production server environments. This project is not a standalone project disjoined from Gentoo proper; it is intended to be a team of Gentoo developers which are focused on delivering solutions to Gentoo that provide strong security and stability. This machine is Hardened Gentoo's SELinux demo machine. The primary use of it is to test and audit SELinux integration, and policy.

Gentoo to Port Portage to Mac OS X

OSNews learned that the Gentoo project is porting their software distribution system, Portage, to Mac OS X. This makes Gentoo the third project developing such a system for the Unix-based OSX, after Fink and Darwin Ports. The Gentoo project also plans to create a GUI for OSX at some point, there is no ETA for it so far. Update: There might be some collaboration with Fink to also support their .debs. Update 2: The news are now on Gentoo's front page.

Gentoo Offers LiveCDs for Macs

In a recent Slashdot article (and an OSNews one), someone asked if it were possible to create a fully-featured bootable Linux LiveCD for the Macintosh. Gentoo thought this was a great idea. So today, they are releasing two full-featured LiveCDs for the PowerPC: one with KDE 3, and another with GNOME 2. Screenshots here and here. To use the LiveCDs, simply boot one on your "new world" PowerPC (by pressing "C" during the machine bootup).

Gentoo vs. the n00b: Round 2?

I recently read Dustin Wilson's Newbie Gentoo Review and as a 'n00b' who recently installed Gentoo, I found it to be a good article about Gentoo. It is a very good overview of the installation and configuration process. After reading all the comments about how most people thought or were looking for it to be a newbie walkthrough, I thought that as a 'n00b' who has recently installed Gentoo, I would try to write a little something about installing Gentoo for the newbie.

Gentoo vs the Noob: A Newbie’s Gentoo Review

I am not a seasoned Linux user. I am not command line veteran (unless you count DOS way back in the day). In fact, let's face it, I am a noob (newbie, nooblar, n00b, etc). For awhile I have been looking at the Gentoo distro hungrily. I have wanted to install it, considered installing it, even downloaded the isos, but I always chickened out before doing it. One look at the installation guide and I would always lose my nerve. However, about two weeks ago I finally got myself together and took the plunge. I popped in my Gentoo 1.4_r2 CD and decided to give it a whirl. I thought there was no way I would really ever succeed, but the results were surprising.

Gentoo Linux Reloaded

"Hi there. I'm sure many of you know that in addition to writing Linux articles, I'm also very involved in a free software project called Gentoo Linux. In this article, I'll try to explain what Gentoo Linux is all about and also tantilize you with all the neat things we have in the works for Gentoo Linux 1.4, which we're currently developing and should be available from our Web site by the time you read this article. So, what is unique about Gentoo Linux? Here are the answers." Daniel Robbins introduces Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Linux Ported on the Alpha

"In a testament to the power and flexibility of the Portage system and Gentoo Linux, Bjoern Brauel (aka "bjb") has done the amazing job of creating a whole new port for Gentoo Linux in the span of 2 days. Currently, Bjoern has Xfree86, GNOME 2, Gimp and other things running on Gentoo Linux/Alpha, as you can see in this screenshot. The Gentoo Linux/Alpha port is currently being incorporated into our Portage tree; in the mean time, the adventurous may be interested in playing with the Alpha stage 1 tarball."

Gentoo Linux 1.4-RC1 Official; More Specific CPU Optimizations

From the official note: The Gentoo Linux 1.4 release candidate 1 is gcc 3.2-based, supporting optimizations for Pentium III, Pentium 4, Athlon (Classic through XP,) K6 (Classic through K6-3,) PowerPC G3 and PowerPC G4 with AltiVec. Also included is a new 2.4.19-based high-peformance kernel with IBM EVMS (enterprise volume management) support, countless enhancements to Portage and a new "live" bootable CD that boots directly into a runtime version of Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc1. Includes KDE 3.0.3, KDE 3.1-beta1, KOffice 1.2, OpenOffice 1.0.1, GNOME 2.0.1 (2.0.2 on the way) and Mozilla 1.0 (1.1 available for testing). The "rc1" release includes bootable CD ISOs for x86, stage tarballs for PPC and Sparc64 (ISOs on their way) and new Alpha Processor stage1 support. Update: Unreal Tournament 2003 Gentoo CD! Read on.

Building a Gentoo Linux for All

I was reading the commenting section of our recent Gentoo Linux story about its 1.4-RC1 release. It seems that there is a chasm between Gentoo users, the users who are happy with it the way it is, and the users who can't stand its usage shortcomings. The first group are mostly developers, the second group seems to be only users. Linux always had such a "schism", but with (the source-based) Gentoo distribution it seems that this is even bigger. Here is a proposal to the Gentoo maintainers about a possible solution of how to change Gentoo's usagebility in order to satisfy all.

TinyMinds Interviews Daniel Robbins of Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux, perhaps the fastest growing new linux distribution, has taken the linux world by storm. Comming out of obscurity only a short time ago, it has leapt into the mainstream of the community and has become one of the top ten distributions. TinyMinds recently got a chance to interview Daniel Robbins, founder and Chief Architect of the project. Daniel speaks of the new installer they are working on, gcc 3.1, LinuxWorld, Portage and more.

Review of Gentoo Linux 1.2

There have been many articles as of late about the so called "source" distributions of Linux. Articles about "rpm hell" and how to get out of it. While I have been using Red Rat since the first release (and do have some things for and against it) there is no distribution that will please all of the people all of the time. Then again, that is what makes an OS like Linux nice, in my opinion. Choices. Today, Gentoo Linux is my choice.

Gentoo Linux 1.2: Getting Better Every Day

"I admit it: I have a soft spot for Gentoo Linux. I'm not sure if it's because it's the shiny new kid on the block, or its focus on a part of the Linux market that was fairly ignored before (distribution-wise). Maybe it's just the excitement and energy that tends to surround any new project. Who knows." The review is at LinuxPlanet. Our Take: Hmm, it seems that women like the challenge of Gentoo (count me in). Or, maybe that "soft spot" is for Daniel and Spider. ;-)