Run Gentoo Linux on a Pegasos

David Holm has put together a few patches and scripts on his page and so you can find all required files to install Gentoo Linux on the Pegasos PPC platform. UPDATE: Read more for the whole press release:The Gentoo PowerPC team is proud to announce the PegasosPPC is now
officially part of the Gentoo/PPC supported machines! Thanks to the
excellent work of David Holm from the PPC team, all future livecds will
be Pegasos compatible. This makes Gentoo the first distro to offer a
kde/gnome livecd for the Pegasos system. The current livecds can be made
to work using the patches from David’s homepage on
(a link will be added on later on today.)

The ppc team is still working on the AmigaOne port, but we expect this
port to be finised soon and expect to have all future Gentoo-PPC cds
compatible with AmigaOne machines.

Enough is not enough: Gentoo/PPC has officially created an IBM rs/6000
subproject (thanks to the generous support of some of our users who were
so kind to lend us their machines). All next livecds will have support
for the majority of ibm rs6000 machines.

Even more news: the Gentoo/PPC stable project was launched this week and
is looking for users who want to contribute by maintaining the ppc
stable profile (testing testing and testing…) Each of the users will be
closely working together with a developer and will get training in order
to make transition to developer status later on easy. The primary focus of
this project is to guarantee stability by collecting feedback about
stability from the community, testing the installs and livecds…

And last but not least: The hardened project ( has
made quite some progress in their quest for a ppc kernel 2.6 enabled
SElinux machine. An experimental ppc livecd that demonstrates this technology
will be made available on the next ppc livecd release.

Next on the todo list are: ‘makeng our livecds cross-compilation enabled
(compile ppc things on your x86 machine :-)) and ‘powerpc G5 support’.

Best Regards,

Pieter Van den Abeele
Gentoo PowerPC project lead


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