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Gentoo 2004.2 Review

Gentoo Linux is the BSD of GNU/Linux distributions; it's elegant and customizable and you know exactly what you're getting when you install it. If you do it right, Gentoo is usually faster than your average GNU/Linux distro because everything can be compiled with higher compiler optimizations. The 2004.2 edition of Gentoo Linux lacks the improvements I had hoped to see, but this is still the best community GNU/Linux distribution for desktop tinkerers. Some even say that it makes a good server, too. has the full review.

Daniel Robbins Leaves Gentoo; Sets up Non-profit Foundation

Daniel Robbins, founder and "Chief Architect" of the Gentoo Linux distribution, has decided to call it quits in terms of being associated with Gentoo. This was met with quite a bit of shock from the Gentoo community and developers alike, as this move was quite unexpected. Daniel Robbins also proposed the setting up of Non-Profit Organization to handle future development. Initially, he wanted to serve in the board of this organization, but he later changed his mind.

Gentoo Goes BSD

"I would really like to be able to play with OpenBSD's PF, or FreeBSD's jail, but I'm rather fond of Gentoo and portage. Right now anybody wanting to play with portage on a BSD has a lot of work to do before getting started, since we don't have stage-1 tarballs. I still don't have a stage-1, but this text and attendent files comprises a small start along the road to generating one." Read the instructions here.