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The Race for a New Internet

"There is another internet - already operational - where users are receiving connections up to 100 times faster than people at home. It is a network so swift and so powerful its advocates are claiming it has already changed the way we will interact with the internet in the future. This new internet is being developed in universities and research laboratories across the globe. And although its usage might be confined to academics, its benefits could spill over into the mainstream in only a few years. Until now, the race to build the next generation of the internet has been dominated by the US, and by one project. Internet2 is a consortium of 180 universities backed by the National Science Foundation and the US Federal government." Read the rest of the interesting article at the Guardian.

Freenet: Opinion, Opinion: Freenet

John Everitt writes: "This is an opinion page, it is riddled with minor inconsistencies and represents nobody's opinion other than my own. Some of it is not based on hard evidence, but observation and wit. If you don't like that stop reading here. Freenet is a realisation of many concepts that have been floated in the charged ether of the Internet. It is a distributed, survivable, efficient, secure publishing and storage system. In practice this has proven largely true, with minor caveats (documented in the FAQ), and I believe that Freenet should be a discussion point for everyone."