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Mono: Taking the Leap Without the .NET

Earlier this year Novell purchased Ximian Software, the primary sponsor of the Mono Project. Novell is committed to providing support for open source development and specifically the Mono Project. There are plans for providing additional services around the Mono Project including support and consulting. Novell is also involved in providing resources for contributors by way of Novell Forge which will become the home for many Mono based projects and a community around Mono. Read the article here.
Update: On other C#/Mono news, the Qt# bindings project is almost on a halt, OSNews learned. Developers wanted to help out the one remaining developer, Marcus Urban.

Mono 0.26 released

A new version of Mono is available, the new features include: Cairo support, Remoting.Corba support, as well as a managed XSLT implementation. Existing features have been improved vastly: better Windows.Forms, runtime, faster compiler, web services, better compliance to the spec and more. On other C# news, the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP1 Redistributable is available.

Mono Playing Catch-Up

While a 2-year-old project to develop an open-source version of Microsoft Corp.'s .Net Framework is making progress, it's still a long way from prime time. "Yes, of course it's late," said Miguel de Icaza, Mono project leader, last week. "We were supposed to release the ECMA components, but the project has grown." Some Mono observers say they are watchful of Microsoft in this situation, wondering whether the software company is merely tolerating Mono now. "They will either outpace it with rapid-fire revisions to .Net or simply let Mono languish," said an anonymous observer. Read the article at eWeek.

.Net Is Moving To Linux, Unix

"As Microsoft and Sun Microsystems prep new Web services development platforms for debut this spring, Linux developers can expect the Mono Project to be completed not long after--by early fall. At Web Services Edge East here, Ximian CTO and Mono Project leader Miguel de Icaza told attendees that the version 1.0 server-side components of the software will be delivered in September." Read the report at InternetWeek.

Volunteer Project Could Oblige Microsoft to Work with Linux

"A lot of people are watching Miguel de Icaza, a bubbly young Mexican programming whiz behind an unusual project he named 'Mono', Spanish for monkey. Icaza's company, Ximian, has already produced software called Evolution that gives users of the free, open-source Linux operating system e-mail and calendar tools comparable to those that run on Microsoft's Windows operating system." Read the article at SiliconValley.