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Mono 1.2 Beta, iFolder Server Source Code Released

"Novell today announced the beta program for Mono 1.2, which now includes support for Microsoft Windows.Forms to more easily port .NET client-side applications to Linux. Other enhancements in this beta release include additional platform and hardware support, virtual machine upgrades, and enhanced Java support, as well as significant performance, memory consumption and stability improvements." And on a related note, Novell also released the code to the server side of iFolder.

Why Fedora Ships Mono

"Remember when I promised you all that I'd tell you all about the Fedora/Mono decision when I could? Well, now I can. It has to do with a little organization called OIN. Allow me to quote from Mark Webbink's article, 'The Open Invention Network', in the April 2006 edition of Linux Magazine: "The OIN commons is created by having all participants in OIN, whether members or licensees, cross-license any owned patents that affect the Linux kernel, key components in any Linux distribution, and certain key Linux-related applications. The commons forms a large, safe area for development free of patent concerns". And where does Mono fit in?"

Interview: the Men of Mono

What makes a Mono developer tick? Linux format has a brief interview with Edd Dumbill and Niel Bornstein, two prominent Mono coders who've just written a book on the open source .NET implementation. They explain the advantages of C# over other languages, and give a bit of advice for budding Mono app developers.

Cool Tool: The Sharp Family

"The combination of Mono, Gtk#, C#, Glade, Glade# and Monodevelop will get you knocking out desktop and Web apps like a pro in no time. The best part is that Gtk# is available on both Windows and Linux, so it's pretty easy to make a cross-platform application that uses the .Net framework on Windows, and Mono on Linux." Read more here.

Hell Freezes Over: Fedora Core 5 to Include Mono

Red Hat was the main opponent against the inclusion of Mono on their products or Gnome's core. But this is all past now and Fedora Core 5 will include Mono and some of its front row applications like Beagle and F-Spot will be too. My Take: After I got tipped on Saturday about this, I talked to Mono's founder, Miguel de Icaza, but he seemed to be genuinely unaware of the latest happenings on Rawhide. The great news will hopefully expand Mono and make GTK# the new recommended toolkit for future Gnome applications (although this is just a personal wish at this point).

Mono Status 2005

"We just released Mono 1.1.10, our best release so far. The major feature missing from this release to call it Mono 1.2 is the completion of our Windows.Forms implementation. In this document I only present the direction of development of the Mono team at Novell; a more comprehensive view of other Mono developments by the Mono community is something that am working on and will post at a later date. I also present how our team's priorities are shifting in response to Novell's own internal use of Mono and external factors like the final release of .NET 2.0."

Microsoft ‘Bars’ Mono From PDC

Mono project founder Miguel de Icaza claims that Microsoft prevented the open source project from holding a meeting at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. Microsoft states on its conference Web site that its 'Birds of a Feather' sessions are proposed and voted on by the community. But the Mono BOF was never listed for voting and therefore received no votes, despite the submission being confirmed, according to De Icaza's blog.

Novell Kickstarts Availability of Linux Desktop Applications

Novell today introduced the Mono Kickstart program to provide for the first time developer support to organizations using Mono for new application development or migrations. Mono Kickstart includes 25 developer support incidents along with one server or 50 desktop licenses for $12,995. Additional developer support incidents, server licenses and desktop licenses can be purchased separately.