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Video Production with Linux

I've recently started a video production business. I decided to use Linux for my "office" type applications for security, stability, and budget reasons. I've really been impressed with the quality of these applications. I use Open Office, KOrganizer, Mozilla, and Gnucash for most of my work. After having such a pleasant experience with these programs I began to investigate what Linux apps were available for video production. I found a linux counterpart of just about every program I use:

iChatAV 2.1b adds AIM Video Conf Support; Bluetooth 1.5 Update

Macminute reports that Apple today released a public beta version of iChat AV 2.1, an update to its instant messaging application that adds support for video conferencing with those using AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 for Windows (also released today). Apple has released Bluetooh Software 1.5, the latest version of the short-range wireless connectivity technology for Mac OS X. Version 1.5, available via the Software Update preference pane, provides support for Bluetooth-enabled headsets and printers.

GStreamer – Where We Are and Where We Are Going

About 3 years ago I was looking around for something to add multimedia capabilities to my GNOME desktop. At that point in time there wasn't really that much around. I think the most advanced video player for Linux in those days was XAnim, which was neither were moving quickly or could qualify as free software, except in the beer context. Projects like Xine and mplayer had either just started up or not come into existence yet.

The Status of Home Video Editing on Linux & Unix

My husband and I are thinking of buying the Canon Optura Xi camcorder soon (in our opinion, the best DV camera at this range). Because I run so many OSes I always have 'embedded' in me this "thing" to only buy supported hardware by the major OSes. I am sure Optura's DV part will work fine with some Linux tools, but then what? How do I easily edit my... masterpiece and burn DVDs or VCDs via an integrated solution and send them to our families in Greece and France?

Technology and UIs on Movies: Entertaining a Diverse Audience

With the computer market exploding into success the last 20 years more and more movies are featuring people using computers. Being a computer geek myself, I expect a level of "technological reality" for the movies that are not in the realm of "sci-fi", but directors usually are feeding their movies with superficial scenes about computers just for the happy clapping from the computer-illiterate audience.

Mini Review: Griffin Technology’s USB iMic

I am a happy G4 450MHz Cube user and I use it even more these days since I got the freebie iSight camera at WWDC last month. Now, picture this: The sound coming out of my speakers is often heard to the other chatter's speakers! I obviously needed a way to cancel the sound of my speakers, and the best way to do this would be to use headphones or use a special headset with a mic that cancels the general noise. Gotcha! The Cube doesn't have audio jacks at all. Enter Griffin Technology's iMic.

Apple Offers Premiere-Trade-In Program

In response to Adobe's decision to drop the Mac version of Premiere, Apple now offers a trade-in program to entice Premiere users to move to Final Cut Pro/Express. If Adobe users trade in their disks with Apple, they will receive a free copy of Final Cut Express, or a $500 rebate for Final Cut Pro. In other Apple multimedia news, Apple released Soundtrack for $299, a music composing application.

iChatAV/iSight Mirrors Video: Bug or Feature?

Apple released the iSight, a $149 firewire camera, a few days ago. I've been using it the last few days with iChat AV (I was one of the lucky ones to receive an iSight for free at WWDC) and I must say that the quality is great, much better than my other $40 Creative WebCam Pro camera I have on my PC (using it with MSN & Y! on Windows and with GnomeMeeting under Linux). Just tonight though, I found a quite funny bug in it (in my opinion) and I thought I share this with you and hoping that engineers at Apple will read this (lacking a bugzilla at Apple's site).

Apple to Push Videoconferencing with new iChat, Camera

At last year's meeting of Apple shareholders, Steve Jobs was asked about videoconferencing and what it meant to Apple. "Stay tuned," he said. Sources now say that Apple is on the verge of offering videoconferencing functionality to users with an upgrade to its iChat software. Sources confirmed to Think Secret that the next version of iChat, code-named "Viceroy," will feature videoconferencing built-in. Additionally, the new iChat will reportedly boast support for a number of other IM protocols. Our Take: I hope that Apple will also feature support for my Creative WebCam PRO, a $40 camera, which is an extremely popular buy (well supported on Linux as well) but has no drivers for OSX so far.