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LAME Mp3 vs FAAC AAC: Fight!

This PDF compares the quality of various audio compression codecs run with various parameters. Overall, of all the audio encodings attempted which produced output at the same sample rate as the input, constant bitrate MP3's produced the highest quality files, exceeded only by variable bitrate MP3's at bitrates above 224kbps. In all cases AAC produced inferior quality results.

GStreamer 0.10.0 Multimedia Framework Released

"One and a half years. A large number of developers contributing. High expectations and a lot of pressure. The wait is over, GStreamer 0.10 has arrived. GStreamer 0.10 is a huge step forward for GNU/Linux and Unix multimedia. Power, stability, functionality, deployment, industry support, GStreamer 0.10 has it all."

Film Documents Software Creation, the Fun Way

When Lerone Wilson saw the ad for a director interested in doing a film on software development, he was skeptical, to say the least. Wilson's resulting "Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks," the story of intern programmers at New York-based Fog Creek Software creating a product from scratch to shipping, is now finished, one of the first films to delve wholly into the life and culture of coding.

Review: The Linux-based Pontis MX2020 Portable Media Player

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered (by snooping on its firmware files) that the Pontis MX2020 multimedia device that sent us for a review actually uses Linux (embedded distribution uCLinux, kernel 2.4.19). If it's video, audio, pictures, recording or even basic PDA functionality via its touch screen, the Pontis MX2020 can do it all. And for very cheap too.

History of the iPod

The iPod, more than any other single product from Apple, has changed the company and the world. Before its introduction MP3 players were the realm of small companies with limited budgets and no content. After the iPod the entire industry has evolved and grown to the point where the largest computer companies in the world have major interests in the digital music industry. Read the history of the iPod at Braeburn.

Next-Gen GPUs to feature hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding

The requirement for a fast CPU to decode H.264 HD video content will soon be a thing of the past. ATI (slides on Xbit Labs' site) is preparing a hardware-based decoder enhancement for future boards. With Texas Instruments, Analog Devices and other manufacturers releasing H.264 hardware decoders, it won't be long before NVidia and other manufacturers catch up, however ATi is not the first manufacturer to offer this specific feature.

Save Down Videos from a Streaming Source

You know what's really laughable? When you visit with Firefox and tells you that you need Netscape 4.7 to view its music videos, even if Firefox is perfectly capable of doing so! And when you open a bug report ticket with them, you get canned messages how to make your IE work with their service! It stinks! Therefore, here is a quick how-to on how to rip down their music wmv/asf videos and save them on your hard disk to view with the player of your choice. In fact, their videos are streamed in QVGA, making them an excellent choice for Pocket PCs that are used as multimedia devices too.

Revisited: HD h.264 Support on the PC Side

A few days ago I wrote on my blog about the "sorry state of proper h.264 support on the PC". The bottomline was that if you need some good HD h.264 support for HD videos the solution is Apple's G5 with Qt 7 PRO, or QuickTime 7 PRO for Windows (whenever this is going to be released). The existing PC solutions (Win or Linux) were ranging from bad to terrible with all-time-worse being mplayer's support (about 0.3 fps on the 1080p Serenity trailer on a 2.8 GHz P4) and 'best' the Elecard Moonlight player that could barely do about 10 fps on a brand new 3 GHz P4-630. However...

How to get the best sound out of your PC

Chesky records, a small record label, produces what is called audiophile friendly music. To learn how to create music with this high detail and how to play it right, just read some of their articles. There is a lot of talk there on tube amps and stereo mics and horn speakers etc. Forget the high-end gear, there is one complete article on how to set up your power supply for best audio experience. But mere mortals like us listen to the music on our PCs. Though it does not even begin to compare with all that exotic gear out there, it can be set up to deliver a surprisinlgy good quality sound.