NetBSD Archive

NetBSD enabled PAM

Christos Zoulas announced recently that as of 2005-02-27, NetBSD has PAM enabled for all applications that perform authentication. Support for PAM, which is specified in the X/Open Single Sign-On standard, was originally imported into NetBSD-current on December 12th, 2004. This means that NetBSD 3.0 will ship PAM-enabled per default; users following -current should take care to update their systems using etcupdate and/or the '/etc/postinstall' script. See Christos' email to the current-users mailinglist and the OpenPAM website for more details.

NetBSD 2.0 Rendezvous

In December 2004, the NetBSD Project released the feature-rich NetBSD 2.0. Even after such a masterpiece, developers kept working on improvements, new features, and new ports following the new development roadmap. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed them to find out what they are working on and how they plan to promote their project in the near future.

Understanding NetBSD 2.0’s New Technology

NewsForge has published an interview with several prominent NetBSD developers: "NetBSD is widely known as the most portable operating system in the world. It currently supports 52 system architectures . . . To celebrate the release, we've asked several well-known NetBSD developers to comment on some of NetBSD 2.0's new features." Read the interview here.

NetBSD pkgsrc will freeze for preparation of stable branch

Alistair Crooks announced today that the NetBSD Packages Team will start a freeze on the pkgsrc tree in order to prepare for the release of the fourth stable branch, pkgsrc-2004Q4. The freeze will begin on December 6th 2004, and will last for a maximum of 2 weeks, during which the developers will bring down the PR count and fix problems shown by the bulk builds. Update: LiveCD/ISO instructions.

A week in the BSD CLI

"I've always been comfortable using the command line interface to get specific tasks done. I already knew that I could do pretty much anything from the command line if I was willing to sit down, read manual pages, and learn -- or if I really had to. To prove it, recently I forced myself to use only the CLI for a week. I ended up learning a lot more than just a few command line arguments." Read the article at NewsForge. Jeff also writes: "I used Lynx as my browser; I don't really like Lynx, but what else is there?" May we suggest eLinks 0.10.x, Links and w3m? They all have way better rendering than Lynx!

NetBSD 2.0 RC4 Tagged

A new release candidate RC4 of NetBSD 2.0 has been tagged. The changes since RC3 include fixes for IP Filter (concerning IPv6 and better backwards compatibility with existing configurations), checksum processing for bridge interfaces, support for the Adaptec AAR 2810SA raid controller, linux compatibility and changes to the pagedaemon in order to improve performance under heavy disk load.