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ReactOS 0.3 SVN Shows Promise

The ReactOS website has been completely redesigned. That in itself won't get your panties in a twist, however, the screenshots section might. They show just how far ReactOS has come: 1.1.4, MS Office 2003's setup, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Flash Player, and much more. Note that some of those apps will only run in the latest SVN version.

ReactOS 0.2 RC 1 Released

ReactOS 0.2 RC1 has been released. The 0.2 release has the goal of booting into a functional Explorer.exe - replacing the default of a text command line interface. The final release should be on the 25th of January. The release features more additions and fixes than the ability to boot into explorer. For a complete listing, view the release changelog.

Screenshot of full ReactOS desktop

This message was posted in the ReactOS mailing list: "For those of you who haven't followed the progress with Explorer closely, take a look here. This screenshot was taken with current CVS and Filip's Wine DLL snapshot here. There are still many stability problems (lots of multi-threading issues), unimplemented and buggy ReactOS features, but all in all we're much better shape than I had expected to be at this point in time. If we can keep up this pace, 0.2 will be on time (before WineConf) and will rock!" UPDATE: Quake2 running on ReactOS.