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ReactOS 0.2 RC 1 Released

ReactOS 0.2 RC1 has been released. The 0.2 release has the goal of booting into a functional Explorer.exe - replacing the default of a text command line interface. The final release should be on the 25th of January. The release features more additions and fixes than the ability to boot into explorer. For a complete listing, view the release changelog.

Screenshot of full ReactOS desktop

This message was posted in the ReactOS mailing list: "For those of you who haven't followed the progress with Explorer closely, take a look here. This screenshot was taken with current CVS and Filip's Wine DLL snapshot here. There are still many stability problems (lots of multi-threading issues), unimplemented and buggy ReactOS features, but all in all we're much better shape than I had expected to be at this point in time. If we can keep up this pace, 0.2 will be on time (before WineConf) and will rock!" UPDATE: Quake2 running on ReactOS.

ReactOS 0.1.5 released

ReactOS 0.1.5 has been released, featuring many improvements and fixes. The new release includes lots of work on the graphical DLLs, as well as all round work on the system. French and German keyboard layouts are now also available.

ReactOS 0.1.4 released

ReactOS 0.1.4 has been released. This release was created using a week-long branch for fixes only - followed up by several days of a code feeze for testing. The release itself features Plug n Play improvements, better GUI controls (especially scrollbars and static controls), better mouse button handling, the beginning of OpenGL support, extensive work on a PC Net driver as well as an improved NDIS driver, the serial mouse driver was almost rewritten and there is now partial support for the intellimouse along with better SCSI support (SCSI devices initialized using 3rd party drivers).