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ReactOS 0.1.1 Released

Jason Filby has notified us: "ReactOS 0.1.1 is out, and features much improved windowing and GDI abilities; WineMine can be played to a limited extend and the MS VGA and VMWare VGA drivers can be used. There is also better disk drive detection and support as well as registry, IO and console improvements. The usetup installer has also progressed well." For more infomation and screenshots, turn to the ReactOS website.

ReactOS 0.1.0 Released

Jason Filby wrote to tell us: "ReactOS 0.1.0 has been released! ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers. In this release, among other new features and fixes, especially worth mentioning are the ability to boot from CD and self-hosting capabilities." For more infomation, go to the ReactOS website.

Interview with Jason Filby from the ReactOS Project

ReactOS is an effort to re-create the WindowsNT platform, in an open source sense (GPL). The team works towards source compatibility with NT's applications and drivers by re-creating the Microsoft APIs. More developers are always welcomed in the project, but there is already a number of them working for the last 3 years, splitted into several teams. Jason Filby, head developer of ReactOS, answers to a series of questions regarding the project.