SGI and IRIX Archive

SGI Introduces Silicon Graphics Fuel Visual Workstation

SGI today announced the first in a powerful new line of next-generation workstation products, the Silicon Graphics Fuel visual workstation. The new workstation includes a single 500MHz R14000A MIPS processor with 2MB L2 cache or 600 MHz with 4MB L2 cache, 200 MHz front side bus VPro V10 or V12 graphics with up to 128 MB configurable graphics memory, 104MB texture memory and 48-bit RGBA (or 12-bit per color component - 4-bits higher than any other desktop system) with 16-bit Z buffer capability, industry-leading memory bandwidth (3.2GB per second) and graphics bandwidth (1.6GB per second) on the desktop, Dual Channel Display capability for double the screen real estate with a single graphics board at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 at 72Hz on each screen, a wide range of peripheral options including internal CD-ROM and four integrated PCI slots, and the fifth-generation 64-bit IRIX 6.5 operating system.

SGI Turnaround Getting Closer, Company Promises

"The quarter's revenue total includes $62.5 million made selling "non-core intellectual property rights" to Microsoft But it's worrying when a company has to look at what else it can sell off to help up make what it has lost in the sales of its core products. Take away the Microsoft-sourced revenue, and SGI's quarterly sales figure falls to $316.5 million - 27 per cent lower than the previous quarter" TheRegister reports on SGI's status. Our Take: Sell out may be one of the reasons why the interview we sent to the IRIX kernel team 2 months ago was never returned answered. The engineers were willing and responded immediately, but that was not the case for their marketing and PR departments which we had to go through and get their "ok".