SkyOS Archive

SkyOS Gets an ISS

ISS (Integrated sound system) has been implemented into SkyOS. The ISS is a very well integrated sound system which makes it very easy to access the audio multimedia services of SkyOS, though providing a very powerful interface.

SkyOS Beta Giveaway, New Screenshots

Head over to the SkyOS website to see the latest screen captures of the WindUI interface, as well as to sign up for your chance to win a copy of an upcoming internal beta release of SkyOS 5.0. All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire. In other news, a large bug in the SkyFS has been fixed, and a few new features such as customizable viewer backgrounds and a new "flag" option to call attention to important files have been added.

Two New SkyOS 5-beta4 Videos

Two new videos showing some of the new features and programs on SkyOS are now availiable on SkyOSnet. The new beta4 video shows off the crystal icons, OpenGL, SkyKruzer, the fileselector, popup dialogs, and the terminal. Keep in mind its a beta, and it was recorded in Vitual PC, so the speed does not accurately reflect the real running speed.

SkyOS meets GTK

GTK (The GIMP Toolkit) has been ported to SkyOS. With this GTK port, major GTK applications like GIMP, Abiword, and Gaim can now be ported to SkyOS. A number of additional libraries were ported as well to make the GTK port possible. These libraries will be available in source and binary form when SkyOS 5.0 is publicly available (internally, SkyOS 5.0-beta4 will be the first beta to include this).

SkyOS Gets Window Grouping, More Languages

The SkyOS Team has added window grouping to SkyOS. This decision came as a response to applications cluttering the taskbar. Similar applications will now only appear once on the taskbar, and a drop-down menu is used to access the individual instances of the applications. A screenshot of window grouping can be found at the SkyOS Website. Additionally, 10 languages are now available for most parts of SkyOS. If you are interested in translating SkyOS to a language, visit the SkyOS forums.

SkyOS Gets Localization Support

SkyOS is now able to handle and display text from all languages. Because of the recently introduced keyboard/UNICODE mapping and UTF8 handling in the entire GUI and applications you can type and view text from languages like English, German, Chinese and more. Check the news & shots here.

OpenBFS Becomes SkyFS for SkyOS

Robert Szeleney, creator of SkyOS, was lately shopping for a new file system for his hobby OS and finally adopted the OpenBFS file system. OpenBFS was initially created for OpenBeOS and it is a re-implementation of Be's BFS. It is 64-bit, attributed and journaled, however it lacks built-in mulit-user, ACL support and other advanced security features. Robert promises changes to the file system (as opposed to a plain port) and so he now renamed his version "SkyFS". Full file system access (read/write/execute) is expected to be ready by the end of this weekend.

SkyOS News: ATI driver, Notification Window, GLib 2.0

Quite a lot of development has been going on at SkyOS. After receiving a test ATI Radeon video card, lead OS coder Robert has created a driver that allows for hardware acceleration. Additionally, the new "Message Notification" system has been completed, and screenshots can be seen at the SkyOS homepage. Finally, Lycander, a member of the software development team, has finished porting GLib 2.0 to SkyOS.

New SkyOS 5.0 GUI Screenshots Released

The first round of screenshots showing off the new GUI for SkyOS 5.0 have been released. The three screenshots show various features of the new GUI, including the new WindUI theme, new Viewer window, and various window effects such as curves, shadows, and transparency. In addition to the new GUI, SkyOS 5.0 will have other additions, such as more support for hardware (e.g. an ATI driver to go alongside the NVidia driver), speed and stability improvements, anti-aliased text, and Bochs support.

SkyOS: Don’t Miss the Chance to Innovate

September 16, 2003 marked the dawn of a new era for SkyOS. After the UI design contest poll was closed and the SkyOS design team and lead developer cast their votes, a winner was chosen: a very forward-looking and professional design dubbed Wind UI.