SkyOS Archive

SkyOS 3.9.1d Released

Robert Szeleney released version 3.9.1d of his OS, SkyOS, including a number of fixes, while he ported the first game to SkyOS, Quake I (screenshot). In the meantime, Syllable also recently got a port of Doom and Quake. In other small OS news, ReactOS has a preliminary graphics system able to run simple Windows binaries (screenshot, running inside the Bochs emulator). The team expects more and better compatibility to come when the WINE port gets finished.

SkyOS 3.7.5 Released

Robert Szeleney released today a newer version of SkyOS, which fixes a number of problems and adds new features. Our Take: Many people have reported problems with the PS/2 mouse (which I also experienced on my laptop, but works fine on my desktop PC), however my Voodoo5 fails to load the desktop with the included VESA driver. I wonder if anyone was succsesful loading SkyOS with a Voodoo3/4/5 card.

SkyOS Receives Major Enhancements

Today, the major "hobby" Operating Systems are AtheOS (which is currently stalled), MenuetOS and SkyOS. Without doubt, SkyOS is the one that moves with the faster pace. Since our interview back in October (and the subsequent Slashdoting), Robert Szeleney has put all his free time on the (270,000 lines of code) project. He wrote a media player, the documentation for SkyOS, more device drivers and applications, networking, SkyFS, the ability to boot from a CDRom and install on a native partition, speed optimizations, some basic Linux emulation (without having SkyOS to be a UNIX) and much more. Robert expects SkyOS 3.6 (binaries and source under the GPL) to be ready for public consumption in the next few weeks.