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A Second Opinion on a Sun Reality Check

Some time back, I promised to double-check Sun executive Larry Singer’s “Reality Check” missives on HP. A week ago, Mr. Singer penned a Reality Check that, in light of HP’s decision to cancel its TruCluster integration effort, does in fact reflect more reality than rhetoric. It also reflects Mr. Singer’s opinions, some of which differ from mine. Presented herewith is Larry’s write-up, laced with a few comments of my own.

The Truth About Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX

Early Wednesday morning 1 December, our colleagues at The Inquirer ran a story entitled “HP expected to drop Trucluster from HP-UX” on their web site. According to the story, unnamed sources claimed that HP soon will announce that TruCluster technology is unlikely to be incorporated into HP-UX. More here.

HP unveils Unix roadmaps

HP World HP will be a pitching a story of Unix harmony and advancement at its HP World user conference here this week. First up, HP has now released HP-UX 11i V2 for both its Itanium and PA-RISC based servers. This means PA-RISC customers no longer have to wait until HP-UX 11i V3 arrives to use the same operating system as their Itanium counterparts. The bad news, however, is that both sets of customers will have to wait until the second half of next year to get their hands on V3 - a product once due at the end of this year.

Unix AIX Security

This paper is meant to serve as an introductory guide to the basic security and server hardening functions present in AIX. Many of the features and functions shown throughout this guide are applicable to AIX 4.3 and above, but are more directed toward AIX 5.2. This guide attempts to cover a lot of ground and offers useful and necessary insight for anyone administering AIX machines.

Comparing Linux and AIX

Linux can learn valuable lessons from its elder cousins in the enterprise, the proprietary Unixes from the likes of IBM, Sun, and HP. Those operating systems, in turn, can learn some lessons from Linux. Comparing the features of the more enterprise-ready Linux distros with AIX, one of the leading proprietary Unixes, helps identify some.