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HP-UX Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Update

"In this letter you will find the result of a brief security audit that we did some time ago for HP-UX platform. We have found 8 vulnerabilities (seven local and a remote one). Technical details about all of the vulnerabilities were sent to the HP security team few months ago and in all cases appropriate security patches are available. Some of them are available for download right now, the remaining ones will be published in the near future." Read the security update here.

UNIX’s True Competition: Linux?

Linux only has a small percentage of the computing market, however Microsoft already considers it a major competition as the open source OS steals the hearts of many users. Following the hard numbers though, Microsoft also increases its market share on both server and desktop space with time. The only logical explanation is that Linux steals quite a market share from the traditional UNIX providers (SCO, Sun, SGI, HP, IBM). But only Sun seems to truly be in a real Linux trouble, as it is the one with a resistance to Linux integration to its full product range.

The Spirit of Unix

"Several readers took me to task for referring to Linux, BSD, and OS X as Unix. Lighten up, folks -- I'm on your side. No one feels more protective of Unix's heritage than I. Unix has a rich legacy that deserves to be preserved and accurately conveyed to new generations of computer scientists. It rattles many of us to see that the operating systems that best exemplify Unix traditions today aren't Unix at all." Read the editorial at InfoWorld by Tom Yager.

Can Linux and Unix Live Together?

James Maguire has written an article for osOpinion.com regarding the continuous industry move from Unix towards Linux based solutions: "As tech buying cycles progress, year by year, Linux will eat away at more of Unix' mission-critical work. That's because, at each new upgrade point, servers running Linux will grow ever more capable." As reported earlier IBM's top software executive recently stated that Linux is the 'Logical Successor' to IBM's Unix solutions.

Unix Portability: Underutilized in Embedded Development

"One of the most important considerations in choosing an operating system for a new embedded platform is how long it takes to port the operating system to the hardware. If your hot, new product's hardware is six months ahead of the curve, but it takes you six months to port the software, you've lost your hardware advantage." Alistair Crooks, engineering director at Wasabi Systems, writes for EETimes.

Poll: My Favorite Unix-Based OS

Well, we all have used Unix, in one form or another (maybe even through embeded products). But which one is your favorite flavor of Unix-based/Unix-alike OSes? Read more and vote! Update: SHAME on you, who ever you are: Messing/hacking with go2poll's code and altering the results in favor of FreeBSD. By doing so, you are doing MORE BAD than good to your favorite platform.

Unix to be Pushed Out

Linux and Microsoft's .NET will dislodge Unix as the dominant OS within the next 10 years, according to a study. Senior research analyst and report author Mike Davis, from UK-based Butler Group, said the shift had started with smaller businesses moving to install Linux for file and print services, replacing Windows NT and lower-end Unix.