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WAP, RDF Feeds OSNews Update

The full "teaser" story text is now available through our RDF news feed. Additionally, the WAP users are now able to also read the 10 latest full teaser texts through their phones/PDAs (previously, only the 15 latest headlines were available). Please provide some feedback in the commenting section about our new WAP pages and how they work or don't work with your mobile device (readers that don't have a WAP device can preview our WAP pages with Opera). If your device is HTML-capable instead, you are in luck, as OSNews has some automatic special support for most mobile, embedded or text-mode browsers (Dreamcast, PS2, AtariST, WebTV, C64's Contiki, SideKick & PepperPad among 130 others).

Hosting Wireless Apps Without Compromising Stability & Security

Far and away the top three problems facing wireless operators and Application Service Providers (ASPs) today are integration, integration and integration. Their worst fear is mucking up their service to customers in any way. How do you integrate new data services into a legacy system without compromising its stability and security? In this article I’m introducing a new solution that can prevent rogue application behaviour, such as uncontrolled SMS or MMS blasts or over-consumption of resources leading to an interruption in service.

Writing Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Using Crossfire

A new product from AppForge, known as Crossfire, can leverage on your familiarity with VB.NET (or Visual Basic 6) and write cross-platform mobile applications supporting a wide variety of devices. What that means to a developer is that you now do not need to use the proprietary SDK for each device platform -- you simply maintain one code base and it can then be deployed to multiple platforms.

New PDA With New OS Announced

The Jackito PDA, which they're calling a TDA (Tactile Digital Assistant) because it uses only the thumbs to control and no stylus, has been announced by French company Novinit. It has in interesting internal architecture, with 7 parallel processors, allowing speed and power savings. They claim that a single AA battery will last a few months. It runs an OS called 3ActilOS but the site doesn't have very much information on it. The images on the web site look like Photoshop jobs, so we'll be interested to see if the $600 machines that they're selling actually exist.

Mobile Java Apps to Make Enterprise Splash

Sun Microsystems Inc., Research In Motion Ltd. and Sybase Inc. are each readying products and services that could expedite the development of mobile enterprise applications. Sun and RIM will join forces at the CTIA Wireless conference in Atlanta this week to announce plans to bring Java Web services to RIM's corporate customers. In the meantime, Microsoft aims to score with sports fans with the launch Monday of its first add-on service for so-called "smart" watches.

Palm OS Developer Suite Preview Release Available

Registered Palm Developers can now sample the new Eclipse-based Palm Developer Suite. The new suite, which is free, is a very impressive set of tightly integrated build tools covering a range of Palm OS technologies including Cobalt (OS 6). The suite (240 MB) includes gcc arm and 680x0 compilers, dialogue editors, application templates, full debuggers, class and project navigators, and more.

The Day that I Will Buy a New PDA…

I already have a PalmV PDA with PalmOS 3.5. I never use it. I practically have absolutely no need for an organizer. Yet, I wanna buy a new one. That geek gene in me (that my mother unsuccessfully tried to kill over the years) what really wants is a "truly mobile PC" that just isn't a laptop. So, for the last few days I was shopping around the Internet for a new PDA (preferably a PocketPC this time) that would fit the kind of thing I am looking for. I was... horrified to find out that what I need isn't... invented yet.