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Next Palm OS Due Late 2003

The next version of the Palm operating system for handhelds will be available to licensees at the end of the year, according to a PalmSource executive. The company expects to make the debut of major OS releases every 12 months to 18 months after the first hardware ships. In other news, a company named TopWave is making a handheld-game-console, based on PalmOS.

Danger Makes Sidekick/HipTop SDK Available for Free

NewMobileComputing reports: "Danger made available their HipTop/Sidekick SDK free of charge. Also, latest reports say that the new version of HipTop will feature a color screen." Please note that the OSNews web site supports the "Danger Device" (a nickname ex-Be/Danger engineers gave early on to HipTop/SideKick), so no ads or vertical bars will be displayed, making the browsing experience pretty good with its native web browser.

Killer BMWs, Watch Phones, Wi-Fi Handsets & PocketPC Blackberries

There's lots of cool stuff over at NewMobileComputing today, as the CeBIT and CITA conferences are resulting in a lot of product and prototype rollouts. Some highlights: Mercedes and BMWs decked out with computers, a new Samsung watch phone close to production, Nextel handsets that speak 802.11, and RIM's licensing deals. We need your help! NMC readers are so far not quite as opinionated as OSNews readers are, so we need some of you to visit and make comments on the articles and forums.

Announcing the Launch of “New Mobile Computing”

We are pleased the announce the birth of a new addition to the family: New Mobile Computing, a daily news site dedicated to examining the leading edge of technology that you carry around with you. If there are OSNews readers who are interested in this topic, pay us a visit. We need lots of help with news submissions, commentary, and giving the mobile computing forums a jump-start. We are also looking for volunteer editors. If you'd like to help, pay the site a visit, or email the NMC staff.

Palm, AT&T Pitch All-in-One Handheld

"Palm and AT&T Wireless said they plan to have the Tungsten W, the handheld maker's combination phone, e-mail device and organizer, on store shelves by the end of the month. The two companies were set to make a formal announcement about the launch of the Tungsten W on Tuesday, but held off because one element of the certification process for the device had not been finalized with the PCS Type Certification ReviewBoard, a wireless certification board." Read more at ZDNet.

PalmSource Cuts 18 Percent of Work Force

PalmSource, the operating system subsidiary of handheld company Palm, cut 18 percent of its work force this week. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company laid off employees from all divisions within the company, according to Gabi Schindler, PalmSource's senior vice president of marketing. Schindler declined to comment on the specific number of employees let go but OSNews learned that some ex-Be engineers were also among the unlucky ones.

NEC and Samsung Plan for New, Smaller Devices

NEC and Samsung, two Asian electronics giants, have each announced new hardware components that will help them make smaller, cheaper, and more-functional devices, particularly, "smart" mobile phones. NEC has developed a new small display with a serial interface that requires fewer connecting wires and uses less power than older displays. Samsung has designed a small chip that contains a 206 MHz ARM920T processor core, 32MB of NAND flash memory, and 32MB of SDRAM on a chip measuring .7" square and .05" thick. Read more at PC World.

Handspring Courts RIM

Infoworld is reporting that Handspring, who has been an exclusive Palm OS licensee, is interested in the RIM email software. The RIM Blackberry devices have proven very popular among business users, but the Blackberry units have limited PDA capabilities. Palm-based wireless messaging devices have been less popular. Presumably, Handspring is interested in producing a "best of both worlds" solution.

Sendo Sues Microsoft for Alleged Attempt of Theft

CNET News.com reports: "Mobile phone maker Sendo has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging the attempted theft of technical expertise and proprietary technology, adding to the intrigue surrounding its recently terminated relationship with the software giant." Last month Sendo announced that the company decided to license Nokia's Symbian based Series 60 Platform for future Sendo smartphones instead of Microsoft's software. Update: Reuters.co.uk has some more information.