posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 3rd Nov 2005 13:21 UTC, submitted by cprpop
IconA new release of Blackbox in the latest 0.70 series is now out: 0.70.1 cumulates new features and bugfixes added to CVS over the last 8 months. Read on for a list of the most notable changes.

Here is a list of the most notable changes:

  • Fixed compilation on OpenBSD, Mac OS X.
  • Updated included documentation.
  • Implemented FDO basedir.
  • Added window-to-window and window-to-center snap. Window-to-window is off by default, you need to set session.windowSnapThreshold to a positive number in your ~/.blackboxrc.
  • Added config options for additional mouse-wheel operations.
  • Implemented pipe menus, which render the output of a command as menus on the fly.
  • Improved focus-last-window-on-workspace.
  • Improved placement of dialog and desktop type windows.
  • Users can override the styles rootCommand in their rc (session.rootCommand). This allows you to retain your preferences or prevent a malicious rootCommand in a 3rd-party style.
  • Better default colors when no style.
  • Shaded+maximized windows don't dissapear after restart anymore.
  • Access window menus with Mod4+right mouse.
  • Fullscreen now ignores aspect ratios. This will hopefully fix, by force, movie players which set both fulscreen and ratio properties.
  • Supressed the (in)famous pixmap cache messages on the console.
  • Many bugfixes -- see the complete changelog.

The official website has accumulated a lot of useful information as well in the meantime. Please use the FAQ, it answers many common questions.

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