posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 15th Jan 2008 18:36 UTC
IconDuring the MacWorld keynote Steve Jobs introduced various new products. Jobs started off with Time Capsule, an AirPort Extreme base station with an integrated hard drive, so you can use Time Machine wirelessly. The 500GB version is USD 299, the 1TB version USD 499. Apple also released an update to its Apple TV (free software update for current owners), which now does not require a computer to access new content. You can rent movies (new in iTunes) straight from the Apple TV, in DVD or HD quality. Lastly, as anticipated, Apple introduced the MacBook Air, which is quite thin at 0.16" to 0.76". It has a 13.3" display, multi-touch trackpad, optional SSD 64GB drive, Core 2 Duo processor (1.6-1.8Ghz), and 2GB of memory. The device lacks an optical drive, but you can either 'borrow' one from another Mac, or buy an external one for USD 99. The machine costs USD 1799.
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