posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 30th Dec 2008 23:49 UTC
IconSteve Jobs' health has been an important topic of rumours ever since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid-2004. He was treated successfully, and recovered from his ordeal. Ever since then, rumours of possible health problems popped up regularly, which were only ignited further by Apple's recent announcement to drop out of MacWorld San Fransisco, with Steve Jobs not delivering the famous keynote speech coming January. Gizomodo threw a whole lot of oil on the fire today by publishing information which they claim comes from a source which has always been 100% accurate.

According to the anonymous source, Steve Jobs' health situation may be far worse than we imagined. "Steves health is rapidly declining," the source claims, "Apple is choosing to remove the hype factor strategically vs. letting the hype destroy Apple when the inevitable news comes later this spring." This is pretty bad news for Jobs' family, friends, and loved ones - assuming it has any merit, of course. Judging these rumours is always extremely difficult, but Gizmodo is no small fish - they emphasise this particular source has always been 100% accurate. Just like Gizmodo, I sincerely hope that this time, the source is blatantly wrong.

The rumour is having a significant impact already on Apple's stock. Kevin Rose, the guy behind Digg and a source for quite some accurate rumours himself, let the world know via Twitter that he has immediately sold all of his Apple stock - apparently, Rose puts a great deal of trust in Gizmodo's source.

It is often said that Steve Jobs' health is none of our business, but it is undeniable that if anything were to happen to the iconic CEO, it would have a profound impact on Apple as a company, and as a brand. Since Apple is a publicly traded company, this sadly means that Steve Jobs' health is a matter of concern for Apple stockholders. This is a sad thing, but it's a negative side effect of the image Jobs and Apple have knowingly set out for themselves. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Apple has declined to comment on this new rumour, however, the company has a history of using rather dubious tactics when it comes to Steve Jobs' health.

Let me reiterate that I hope this rumour is a blatantly false attempt at grabbing attention, and that Steve Jobs is in fine and dandy shape. The technology world would lose a very important player were he to ever quit his job - willingly or unwillingly.

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