posted by Thom Holwerda on Sun 5th Apr 2009 10:27 UTC
IconMicrosoft's "You find it, you keep it" campaign, which directly attacks Apple, has seen another instalment. The first one, with Lauren criticising Apple for its pricing policy and lack of choice, was met with mixed reviews, and I'm sure the second one will not be received any differently. Giampaolo disses Apple for a lack of power and being all about aesthetics.

Here's the ad, which follows the same basic premise as the previous one:

He wants a laptop with power, portability, and lots of battery life, for under 1500 USD. He checks a number of laptops, but of course also passes by a MacBook. "So sexy," he states. He continues, however: "Macs to me are about aesthetics more than they are the computing power. I don't want to pay for the brand; I want to pay for the computer." In the end, he ends up buying a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion HDX, for USD 1099.

The more I see these ads, the more I realise they are not about drawing Mac users towards the Windows side - they are about keeping Windows users on the Windows side. You won't sway Mac users by saying that Macs are all about looks, because a lot of Mac users actually care about that.

For the rest, the ad focusses on the things that Apple can't offer its customers: low prices and lots of choice. In that respect, the ads could be quite effective. Show off your own strong points, and if those strong points happen to be the weak points of your main competitor - two birds, one stone.

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