posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 5th Oct 2009 11:07 UTC
IconAdobe and various members of the OpenScreenProject announced today news about the upcoming release of Flash 10.1, the first Flash version to get released as a full browser plugin for various smartphone platforms.

The new version, to be released sometime next year, includes support for Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian S60, and Palm WebOS smartphones. The only platform missing from the mix is the iPhone, and Adobe makes it clear in their FAQ that this is Apple's fault for not co-operating.

Other features include graphics hardware acceleration (at least for some Qualcomm and nVidia mobile chipsets), accelerated h.264 video decoding for both mobile and PC/Macs, multi-touch and gestures support, accelerometer input, screen orientation and more.

I for one, being mostly interested in online HD video streaming since videography is my main thing these days, I welcome the hardware decoding addition. I already use CoreAVC Pro for my desktop h.264 needs on my aged Pentium 4, which gives me full 1080p decoding in real time at just ~10% CPU usage, so having this ability via Flash too (for Youtube/Vimeo/Hulu viewing), feels like manna from the heavens.

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