posted by kristoph on Sun 6th Jun 2010 10:58 UTC
IconA number of recent reports provide a new picture of the current smart phone market landscape and the trends likely to impact that landscape over the coming year. The latest US market share report by Nielsen shows both the iPhone OS and Android growing at the expense of Windows Mobile and the Blackberry OS.

RIM continues the maintain its lead with 35% share of the market with Apple a close second at 28%. Despite 'missing a whole cycle' Microsoft remains third with 19%. Google rounds out the smart phone peloton in the fourth position with 9% of the US market.

The global market situation is tangibly different with Nokia maintaing its dominance of nearly 40% of the market, more than the next two vendors - RIM and Apple - combined. Much as in the US market RIM has slipped a few percentage points - to 19.4% - as it continues to struggle to answer the challenge of Apple and other vendors.

Apple was the stand out performer over the last year world wide with its market share growing from 10.9% to 16.1%, closing in on RIM's second position. Android and Windows Mobile vendors made little or no gains over the last year, a situation which will surely change with the recent announcement of promising new offerings both in the OS and hardware arena.

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