posted by David Adams on Mon 5th Jul 2010 17:38 UTC, submitted by vivainio
IconAfter having the Netbook UX of MeeGo out for quite a while, the MeeGo project released the first preview of Handset UX for public scrutiny. This is, finally, the Qt based heir of Maemo. There is also a youtube video available, with someone running the release on Moorestown-based Aava reference phone. While this can be flashed on your N900, that is only recommended for platform developers; this release is not productized to be useful for consumers. Pics after the jump

The MeeGo Project Handset Day 1 includes:

  • MeeGo APIs, incorporating Qt and MeeGo Touch UI Framework (MTF)
  • Subset of the handset reference UI and applications
  • Status Bar: clock, network, Bluetooth, 3G connection, notifications, and battery charge
  • Home Screen
  • Lock Screen
  • Application Launcher
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Applications: Dialer, SMS, Browser, Contacts, and Photo Viewer
  • MeeGo Core OS (including the middleware components)
  • Hardware adaptation support for Intel Atom-based handset (Moorestown) and ARM-based Nokia N900
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