posted by fran on Mon 8th Nov 2010 16:48 UTC
IconSweClocker has just posted what might be the first video of the anticipated Bios replacement UEFI .

Although UEFI promises to have a lot of advantages over and above BIOS, the most significant one for general end users will be a significant decrease in boot speed. (Swedclocker claims a boot speed of 1.37 seconds in its test configuration) it will also bring the following advantages: the ability to boot from large disks (over 2TB), CPU-independent architecture, CPU-independent drivers, Flexible pre-OS environment, including networking support, modular design, ability to modern graphical interface, fully fledged software environment , Support for 32/64 bit memory addressing , advanced security including encryption.

I read some forum posts where there is some degree of BIOS nostalgia, mostly questioning the need for a “better looking” and mouse driven user interface, but its clear that UEFI advantages offer much more than just better looks and ease of use. Resistance is also futile since some reports stated UEFI will be the preferred platform of the next release of Windows. We although won’t have to wait that long since UEFI will make its first debut to the mainstream consumer market next year.

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