posted by Mike Bouma on Sun 30th Dec 2001 13:00 UTC
IconAmiga's CEO has posted his latest executive update in which Bill writes about the progress being made. Also included are videos of AmigaDE software running binary identical on various devices. For instance the Compaq iPAQ and Sharp Collie. Also Luca Diana recently visited the Amiga's headquarters and made a little report with pictures for us to enjoy, included is a picture of a PDA by Casio running the AmigaDE.

The software titles shown are already available at Amiga's AmigaDE shop and Linux and Windows AmigaDE desktop players are already available. For a better view at some of the games shown in the videos, I uploaded some screenshots.

Sharp SL-5000D PDA running Planet Zed

Alot is still covered by NDAs but in the latest executive update Bill states that during the second week of January they will announce a partnership with one of the largest Set Top Box companies in the world. A partnership with STB manufacturer Infomedia Network was already publicly known. What also is publicly known is that Amiga's AmigaDE partner the Tao Group is working closely with companies like Sony, Sharp, JVC, Fujitsu, NEC, Motorola, Psion, Grundig and others to integrate the core hardware independent technology into their devices including cellphones, Cameras, PDAs, STBs and Digital TVs.

AmigaDE player v1.1 for Windows
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