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Apple I started out as a Mac user in about 1985 in a world which will be totally unfamiliar to almost all readers of OSNews. You wrote out your stuff by longhand, and a secretary typed it on a word processor. If you were lucky and able to manage it, you could dictate it. But you did not dictate into a dictating machine, because these were big heavy and expensive. You dictated it directly to someone who could 'take shorthand'. If you had a PC, it ran DOS. You looked for your files, and moved them around, started applications, one at a time, from the command line, and the command line was not pretty, it was green on black.
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RE: I own three Macs ...
by skeezix on Thu 11th May 2006 19:46 UTC in reply to "I own three Macs ..."
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hmmmm, I was thinking about that... and I'd have to say Volkswagens. Not the A3/A4 VWs built after 1993; those are most definitely Mac cars. But anything before that -- A1/A2 cars, and of course the Beetle and the Kombi -- those are true Linux cars. You need to tinker with them to keep them running happily, but it's quite all right because you enjoy doing it anyway. Most of the parts are standard and interchangeable, but you'd better have a full kit of metric socket wrenches and the Bentley shop manual!

wait -- I've just described myself. Ha!

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