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Windows "Shipping with Windows Vista will be the latest version of Internet Information Services (IIS), which includes a broad collection of features and capabilities that have been anxiously awaited by both developers and IT Pros. Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples describe and demo new features in IIS 7.0."
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by dcga on Sun 21st May 2006 23:19 UTC
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The fact that other products have many or all of the new features that ISS is getting, does not make this realease less great than it already is.

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RE: Great
by Babi Asu on Mon 22nd May 2006 01:03 in reply to "Great"
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5.0 is horrible, 6.0 is good, and 7.0 release is great. With ASP.NET, it's ready for building enterprise application. Apache alone is not comparable to IIS, it must be integrated with Tomcat + JBoss for building J2EE based enterprise application.

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RE[2]: Great
by bouh on Mon 22nd May 2006 04:58 in reply to "RE: Great"
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Honestly, your replay, and all other comments makes me wonder if you really ever developed ready-for-production application under .NET.

Let me give you an insight on how much my 11 month project using lastest .NET Framework was a nightmare as a developer.

The first things you have to know is that we are using entirely Microsoft products to do this job. So I use the visual studio development suite to code and visual source safe as a versionning system. Don't know if you noticed but, IIS is closely related to .NET to an extended where it doesn't do what you want anymore!

The common people will use IIS to server pages right? Now to Microsoft concept IIS has become more than that: it is not a web page server anymore, it has long became an application server. Thanks to this nice functionalty as an application server you end up with REALLY UGLY software designs:

- I want to create an new ASP/.NET project: If my projet is not located in <inetpub/wwwroot> it will failed to open a web projet! I have to manually edit the solution file.
- I want to edit one of my projet's file and this project is a web application projet: he needs a communication with IIS to open the FILE by default which take ages to open! But I just wanted to open a simple file!!!
- I want to deploy my application, deploying is made easy with web app because you only deploy on the server: great advantage. Ow gosh! Because my deployement machine ASP credential are under the NETWORK_SERVICE account and those on my development machine are handeled by ASP_NET (worker process) (this difference is due to the OS: Windows XP uses ASP_NET, windows 2003 uses NETWORK_SERVICE, my files access permissions settings are now wrong
- I want to get a web projet from VSS, I need to install it into <inetpub>/wwwroot again, even if it not this way in the VSS hierarchy: it automatically modifies the hierarchy according to your IIS configuration
- Seriously I plenty of other exemple like that: HTML mode edition not working, file permission problem with the ASP worker account when tryin to access ORACLE, etc

Microsoft has been trying too much to do a all-integrated solution.... IT'S TOO MUCH Please also distribute a heavily slimmed down version of IIS and your development environement.

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RE[2]: Great
by aquila_deus on Mon 22nd May 2006 12:05 in reply to "RE: Great"
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I doubt IIS 7's capability is anywhere near that of WebLogic or other J2EE servers...

At least it should support externalized environment-dependent configs such as the database connection string - it's really messy to mix them with the fixed config items (ex: http modules) in web.config.

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