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PC-BSD "PC-BSD 1.1 was released today, along with a PBI update file for users running 1.0, who wish to update to 1.1. This release brings the core operating system up to the latest version of FreeBSD 6.1, adds better driver support to the kernel, and improves the speed on many systems." Update: Screenshots.
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ATI 3D works on my Radeon 9600Pro lightning fast and this is OSS DRI driver.

The OSS ATI driver supports chipsets up to the 92xx series. The 95xx and newer series aren't supported, unless ATI has recently released new specs.

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I should add before I get flamed to death, the by support I mean support for accelerated 3D graphics.

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FreeBSD does have NVidia driver from NVidia (which I use) and older cards (like Matrox) are supported by DRI/DRM. It works fine. ATI drivers I'm not sure about.

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FreeBSD kernel got drm support built in:

# Direct Rendering modules for 3D acceleration.
device drm # DRM core module required by DRM drivers
device mach64drm # ATI Rage Pro, Rage Mobility P/M, Rage XL
device mgadrm # AGP Matrox G200, G400, G450, G550
device r128drm # ATI Rage 128
device radeondrm # ATI Radeon
device sisdrm # SiS 300/305, 540, 630
device tdfxdrm # 3dfx Voodoo 3/4/5 and Banshee

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