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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu On Monday of this week, more than 60 Ubuntu developers gathered in a hotel near Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport to plan Ubuntu's next release, codenamed Edgy Eft. The goal of the meeting is to set the goals for the upcoming release and to chart the set of steps that will be necessary to implement it.
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Well, they do mention a minimum of 192MB to use the "Desktop CD" (the new name of the LiveCD).

LiveCDs (apart from specialized "lite" distros) require more memory, period. I'm not sure that this CD is that much slower than, say, Knoppix or Mandriva Live on similar hardware.

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not necessarily. although ubuntu's was slow in particular, i got full slax (with KDE), phlak, and other distros to run fine. and that's on crappy compaq laptop hardware, 256mb ram.

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Try SLAX live cd based on slackware - its the fastest live CD ive used with a full KDE desktop too! Though admittedly ubuntu's cd has more software than slax.

Dapper live refused to boot on my system with a samsung dvd burner but booted fine on my 2nd system with a Lite-On. it has had problems for several people with regards to usb2 and other issues (live cd errors out). But the alternate install cd based on debian's d-i worked fine for me to install dapper.

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