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Google "Check out YouOS for 10 minutes, then imagine the same project on a billion-dollar budget. Now do you think the mythical Google PC that's allegedly being secretly developed in Silicon Valley - or in China or on a Ukrainian IRC channel - will become reality? It makes sense for Google to develop a Web-based PC. To be clear, a Google PC needn't involve a new gadget like the 'thin client' gear of the 1990s. Every computer in the world is capable of running a Web browser. We might not realize it, but we all already have Google PCs."
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How about this twist?
by bolomkxxviii on Thu 6th Jul 2006 21:58 UTC
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GoogleOS on a flash drive? Your settings, files, browser and minimal OS on a flash drive. Every connected PC becomes "your" PC once you boot. Everything else is on the net. Yes, there are some technical hurdles (BIOS settings, device recognition, etc) but Google could make the image available for download as "Beta" software. The cost is minimal to Google and as space is limited on flash drives, users would become more dependant on Google. Good for them, maybe not so good for us.

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RE: How about this twist?
by gabrielwalker on Thu 6th Jul 2006 22:45 in reply to "How about this twist?"
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Ever hear of a "Linux LiveCD"? ...Use your own personal webspace, and a distro with, say, AbiWord or OpenOffice pre-installed, along with Firefox, Thunderbird (or Evolution) and Gaim.

You could even put some of them on USB flash drives. There's your minimal OS. ;) You could use the same flash drive to save your files -- or use a LiveCD/flash drive combo.

And you can use your own personal webspace to access anything else "on the net". That dream doesn't take Google.

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