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Gnome GNOME 2.15.4 has been released. "This is our fourth development release on our road towards GNOME 2.16.0, which will be released in September 2006. GNOME 2.15.4 has some rough edges but you should definitely try it to see how well it works." Easiest way to get it is via GARNOME.
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RE[7]: Release notes
by WereCatf on Sat 15th Jul 2006 05:01 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Release notes"
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It does. It's called ALSA. ESD is just a front end for GNOME and its applications to interact with, "transparently."

Wrong. ALSA does not do software mixing by default. You have to manually configure it to do that, unless your distro sets it up. And as I said a while ago already, I can not see any reason why they can't just dynamically apply dmix plugin when the driver doesn't support multiple opens. That would be useful from the end-user point of view, though it may not be that interesting for the devs.

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RE[8]: Release notes
by Jarsto on Sat 15th Jul 2006 05:37 in reply to "RE[7]: Release notes"
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"Wrong. ALSA does not do software mixing by default. You have to manually configure it to do that, unless your distro sets it up.

Wrong. To quote from the ALSA wiki: "NOTE: For ALSA 1.0.9rc2 and higher you don't need to setup dmix. Dmix is enabled as default for soundcards which don't support hw mixing."

The current stable release is 1.0.11

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RE[9]: Release notes
by mrUnix on Sat 15th Jul 2006 08:50 in reply to "RE[8]: Release notes"
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The problem is with any modern PC you do not
get a sound card. They should be considered passe unless
you are a sound professional.

Integrated sound on the i915 chipset for example
is STILL buggy. Kmix or whatever lets SOME apps
mix well but not all.
You cannot listen to your favorote music while
at the same time listen to sounds from many
java apps(and others too i suspect) that are not
An example is jin( a chess client that connects to
chess servers for online
for example login)
If you start the chess app first your music player
will be blocked..if you start xmms first the sounds
from the java program will be blocked.
There IS a solution using the (nagware non-free
except for trial) oss drivers at
but this is hardly an integrated solution.

This is why I've mostly switched to the FreeBSD
"distro" PC-BSD. no probs at all(except no 64 bit version yet)

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RE[8]: Release notes
by Mystilleef on Sat 15th Jul 2006 10:32 in reply to "RE[7]: Release notes"
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ALSA supports software mixing out of the box and has done so for a few months now. I use Gentoo, I didn't have to configure ALSA to get software mixing working. I'm guessing you have an exotic or unsupported sound card or component.

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