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AMD AMD is strongly considering open-sourcing at least a functional subset of ATI's graphics drivers. It's time for X Window System, OpenGL, and client virtualization for which ATI binary drivers aren't available to escape the ghetto of the 1980s-era framebuffer. And what a boon for PR. If AMD's graphics cards were the only ones with open device drivers, it might affect a buying decision or two.
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When I was choosing my laptop, I wanted to have fully working, open source drivers for my hardware. So I bought one with Intel 915 graphics card. But AMD's chipsets are faster and if only I had opportunity to have drivers for it running out of the box on every linux distro I can imagine, I would by one without a doubt. In fact s I _will_ buy AMD/ATI graphics card if they open source their drivers. The market will choose... but _we_ are the part of the market - remember that AMD!

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I have fully working, open source drivers for the graphics chip in my laptop, and it's an ATI. OK, so it's not the most up to date (Mobility 9000), but it's good enough for 3d games like Torcs.

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