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KDE "Many KDE users tend to take the Konqueror Web browser for granted, but that's a mistake. Konqueror may not be able to replace Firefox as a Web browser for every site, but it does a lot more than just simple browsing."
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What is the stupid fascination with file managers acting like a browser? One of my biggest complaints about windows is Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. The average user gets them confused all the time. I have no desire, none what so ever, to use my file manager as a web browser. They do completely different things. You end up with a bloated hodge podge that does neither well. They made a car once that could act as a boat. They didn't sell well. Why? Because they were piss poor boats and ugly cars. One of the things I like most about linux is the "separate good tools for separate jobs" mentality instead of "one crappy tool to do everything" that windows tends towards.

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What is the stupid fascination with file managers acting like a browser?

The two activities are not entirely dissimilar. In Konqueror's case, however, everything is a slave except the interface itself (which can be used in single pane, split-view and distinguishes between HTML and file browsing). It's not a stretch to say that Konqueror is equally good at both, and unlike Explorer, it doesn't try to force viewing the file system into some horrific web analogy.

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