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Linux "Is Linux a good choice for your old PC? In this article I'm going to examine the main issues connected with using GNU/Linux on some very old hardware. I will also cover choosing a distro, a desktop and the key applications for such a configuration."
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RE: Vector
by twenex on Thu 21st Sep 2006 18:43 UTC in reply to "Vector"
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I don't want to have a go at you as if you've posted a flame, but I must just be one of the lucky ones with Gentoo. Despite having used Unix since about 99, I'd hardly call myself a Unix wizard (Unix ignoramus would be nearer the mark), but I got Gentoo up and running second try (the first try, I attempted to install from stage 1. Stage 3 worked perfectly). That box has been updated, reconfigured, poked, prodded, munged, mangled, wrung, shot at, sworn at, kicked, thrown, punched, spat at, switched off (due to power cuts), disconnected and generally abused for two (nearly three) years, and I've not yet needed to reinstall it once.

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